Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lake Worth's Budget Work Session tonight (Tuesday, 7/26) and city manager's message to City

To watch this meeting Live Streaming see the instructions at the end of this blog post. First, here is the agenda: 

City Commission Budget Work Session
Tuesday, July 26, 6:00 p.m.
1. Roll Call
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Updates/Future Action/Direction
    A. Presentation of proposed Fiscal Year 2017 budget
4. Adjournment
Commissioner Chris McVoy was absent for the entire first budget meeting on July 12th. No reason given.
The message from City Manager Michael Bornstein opening the budget process:

Honorable Mayor, Vice Mayor and the Members of the City Commission, and Citizens of Lake Worth,

     It is my distinct honor and privilege to present to you the City of Lake Worth’s annual Budget in-Brief document.
     This document is intended to provide residents, business owners, and visitors with a clear and succinct perspective regarding the City’s financial state. This organization prides itself on transparency and fiscal stewardship, and this document reaffirms this organization’s perspective regarding open, honest, and effective local government.
     Over the next year, economic development, human resource and infrastructure stewardship will be at the forefront of this organization’s initiatives. [emphasis added] Even though the economy remains fragile, we are beginning to see major market indicators depicting the perspective that economic stabilization is beginning to occur. Furthermore, infrastructure investments in roadways, public safety, and housing will be critical to this organization’s long-term sustainability.
     In order to accommodate responsive growth, the appropriate infrastructure must be present to accommodate both existing demand and future needs. The City will embark upon creating a strategic plan intended to map out the City’s future goals and objectives. This project will enlist public participation (civic engagement) for the purpose of charting the course for City of Lake Worth over the next three (3) to five (5) years.
     Long-term economic sustainability and fiscally prudent investments will always be at the forefront of this organization’s list of priorities. We will continue to manage our finances in the most responsible manner possible and ensure that transparency will always be preserved in order to maintain good governance.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michael Bornstein

To watch this meeting live streaming use this link and then click on "Video/Audio of Public Meetings". If the video feed does not appear wait a few minutes and try again.