Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Videos and information from 2nd Historic Preservation Neighborhood Workshop on Monday, June 27th

Note the "1/3" icon; use that to switch between the three videos:
This meeting included the combined Bryant Park and South Palm Park neighborhood association (NA). A week earlier a workshop took place for Parrot Cove and Mango Groves (use this link for list of NA's). Less people attended this second meeting as is expected; I counted 20+ (about the first meeting use this link). These meetings are being held in response to concerns over administration of the program and how to improve the resident/property owner experience within a historic district.

City staff did a good job explaining why historic preservation is important. However, according to comments from those in attendance many had a difficult time seeing the benefits. They cited delayed review times, for example, window and roof replacements plus a process that overly focuses on minutia. Some found it hard to understand regulations while areas in their own neighborhood have properties not maintained and some are eyesores. People expressed frustration being held to high standards of preservation but needs for storm protection and home security have taken secondary importance.

Recently, an interesting observation was shared with me: The City has put a lot of effort into hurricane preparedness but onerous rules send a confusing message. Should historic preservation be considered part of our City's storm preparedness?

Staff said the PowerPoint presentation will soon be on the City's website along with a questionnaire for feedback. A 6-month time frame was mentioned for review. Two neighborhoods, Downtown Jewel and College Park, are NA's that have yet to schedule a workshop. Stay tuned, as they say, for more information.