Wednesday, June 15, 2016

[PINNED POST*] Quote—Lake Worth City Attorney Glen Torcivia to Morganti representatives on faulty construction at City's Casino:

"I think you're misunderstanding the point gentlemen. You guys have to get a slope away from the building and the doors so they don't leak. I'm being a nice guy here but frankly your comments are irking me."

And from Mayor Pam Triolo:

"You were paid for your expertise. Fix the problem. Fast!"

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The quotes above and much more you'll hear in the video below. This all happened at the City Commission meeting on June 7th vis-à-vis the building's water leaks and other construction problems. The Lake Worth Herald has a front page feature article on this. For more background use this link.

Here are some highlights, or 'lowlights' if you will, in the video (at the end of this blog post):
  • City Attorney Torcivia starts off and at the 1:40 mark explains the process for moving forward with a lawsuit, if necessary, and he says, "It's taking longer to fix the building than it took to build it".
  • At the 5:35 mark Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell let's loose his frustration: "You knew it was on the waterfront. You know it rains in South Florida. And here we are having this conversation?", and later, "I'm not buying all this."
  • At the 9:30 mark Mike Olenik, Vice President of Morganti, comes to the podium to speak.
Ironically, the image of the City's Casino is still on Morganti's website.
  • At 15:20 Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, makes a snide remark about "not necessarily educated folks" and then goes on to suggest a 40-mph wind standard? Along the east coast of Florida? He later makes a pitch to "come up with something reasonable".
  • At 17:10 Commissioner Ryan Maier makes his pitch to the Morganti representatives to "make customer [City] feel like you care and you are taking action." Later Maier shows how involved he is and says, ". . . whatever is going on in engineer land."
  • At 18:30 is Olenik pleading again.
  • At 19:40 Mayor Pam Triolo makes her comments including, "We've put up with this for four years." She also has a great analogy on why she thinks this issue is not of great concern to Morganti.
  • At 21:30 Maxwell asks an excellent question.
  • At 22:15 City Manager Michael Bornstein makes his comments. He says, "The fact of the matter is the way it [the Casino] is built and the way it is designed, it can't be delivered as promised." Later he says, "For God's sake, give us your final offer."
  • At 24:30 Torcivia's frustration becomes very evident. He instructs the City Commission to give Morganti until October 6th to fix the problems. The vote was 3-1 to take Torcivia's advice.
Here is the video to watch for yourself: