Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Not that it will do any good. . .

Western sprawl continues at a breakneck pace and many environmentalists could care less. Two prominent enviros from Lake Worth are more concerned about street lighting that goes "sideways" here, encouraging the homeless to take up residence, a drive-through, undermining PBSO, and doing anything they can to stop a historic downtown hotel from re-opening.

Read about these two Lake Worth enviros by looking in the right-hand column for "Did you know 2 of '19 Best Environmentalists in South Florida' are in Lake Worth?" As concerned as they are over what happens in this little 6 square mile slice of paradise, they turn a blind eye to what's happening west of the City.

For instance, take this recent news:

     Golf course greens once lured residents to country club communities throughout Palm Beach County. But with club members aging and golf interest declining, who can afford to maintain these lush views?
     Not the members of the Fountains Country Club in suburban Lake Worth [emphasis added], it seems.
     The club’s board of directors just struck a $17 million deal to sell golf-course land to home builder GL Homes, which would build up to 470 housing units on the property. 

[and. . .]

     McCabe [Jack McCabe, chief executive of McCabe Research and Consulting] said what’s happening at the Fountains is a trend that will continue to affect other private golf course communities. “As we continue our build out of South Florida, with vacant land becoming unavailable, golf courses will be more desirable to developers,” he said.

Expect more of this from one of the "Best Environmentalists in South Florida" at the City Commission meeting tonight (6/7):
The good news is "the people" will have their chance to speak on March 14th, 2017. Election day in Lake Worth.

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