Thursday, June 7, 2018

Flag Day is Thursday, June 14th. Everyone is invited to the City of Lake Worth to honor the American flag.

The City’s American flag flying full mast in
Bryant Park for Flag Day last year.
But not so two years ago.
The City’s flag was at half mast.

The Flag Day event next week begins at 6:00 at the Bryant Park Bandshell. Below are two excerpts from an article in The Lake Worth Herald from 2016 about Flag Day in the City of Lake Worth. The public was still in shock that day almost two years ago. The Pulse nightclub shootings had just occurred two days prior:

     In 2008, then Mayor Rene Varela invited the Flag Day ceremony back home to Lake Worth, where it has been magnificently celebrated and greatly revered annually ever since. The ceremony this year was hosted by Scottish Rite General Secretary, Mike Cribbit who said he was pleased to see more people than ever in attendance.
     The brief but moving ceremony in recent years has included hailing the names of our sons and fathers who attended Lake Worth High School since the school began in 1922, and who have given their lives in service to our Country. Another treasured part of the ceremony is the recitation of “What the Pledge Means to Me,” written and originally performed by the late Richard “Red” Skelton [see video below], a 33 degree Mason in the Scottish Rite Fraternity.

[and. . .]

     A sizable crowd of patriotic Lake Worth Neighbors were on hand to witness and join together in a moment of silent reflection on the terrible wound we suffered as a nation just days before in Orlando. With one voice, the assembled body of men and women, children, seniors and all put their right hands on their hearts and pledged their allegiance to the American Flag hung respectfully and in mourning at half mast.