Friday, May 13, 2016

Where to get accurate information about what's happening in Lake Worth: Have you thought about going to the City's website?

There was so much mis- and disinformation about the recent union negotiations you can see how the public was so confused. But how many people thought to put down the paper, ignore social media and the blogs and just go to the City's website? Going forward, when the 'next big thing' comes along check out the news the City has on the issue before you draw conclusions from other sources that have their own particular "ax to grind", as they say. Here's an excerpt from the link above on the City's official site for news and other information:

"It has come to our attention that members of the public may not have accurate information regarding the status of the City’s negotiations with the three unions representing the majority of its employees: IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers—mostly electric utility/water employees); PEU (Public Employees Union—general employees); and PMSA (Professional Managers and Supervisors Association). The City has been actively engaged in properly noticed negotiations with all three unions. These meetings take place in the sunshine. Notices are posted in City Hall relating to the dates and times of same."