Monday, May 9, 2016

The "March to Support Cara Jennings" and what do you call a viral video that isn't viral any more? Just another video?

It can't be long now before the puppet strings get played and the next 'news' item takes center stage like a "curfew" or a push for the Urban Chicken once again. Whatever it is won't be anything like Cara Jennings' "a--h---" video. That video is quickly fading from the collective conscience and Michael Auslen at the Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau recently had something about that:

     "The plan was for people fed up with Gov. Rick Scott and inspired by the coffee-fueled viral spectacle at Starbucks last week to rally at the Capitol and let the governor know how they feel.
     But only two people showed up. [emphasis added]
     Frank Day, who owns a home repair business and lives in Point Washington, up in the Florida Panhandle, tried to gather supporters on Facebook for a 'March to Support Cara Jennings,' the woman featured in a viral video from a Gainesville Starbucks where she called Scott an 'a------.' Fred Williams of Jefferson County, a 31-year state worker who retired from the Florida Department of Health about 10 years ago came, as did six reporters."

Good thing all those reporters showed up, huh? To read what the editor at The Palm Beach Post had to say about all this use this link.
If you're interested in my take on all this use this link. Hint: you might be very surprised.