Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Light up Lake Worth project underway", news segment by NBC5/WPTV's Michelle Quesada

Stay focused Lake Worth! Don't be distracted by reports of light "spilling" into yards and the suggestion by Commissioner Chris McVoy the City's new lights can make you sick. Do you remember why the matter of street lighting was so important in the first place? Remember the news segment below about this subject? Stay focused on the goal.

Below are two excerpts from the text of the news segment:

     "New technology moving into Lake Worth neighborhoods is expected to shine a light on problem areas while saving the city money.
     The city is replacing 4,000 old light fixtures with new LED lights. The effort is supposed to save 250,000 dollars in energy costs. It will also aim to increase security and detect crime. The city says the new lights will brighten up images recorded on surveillance cameras to help make out criminal activity."

[and. . .]

    "In the Lake Osbourne neighborhood, John Hand says it's definitely making people feel safer outdoors.
     'They’ve always had lights here, but now I noticed they are a little brighter,' said Hand. 'I take walks around the lake and around the neighborhood and it's really nice having better lighting.'
     Thirteen percent of the light fixtures have been replaced. The city aims to have all of them replaced in then ext 75 days."

Here is the video of the news segment: