Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Latest YIMBY news: "Boulder Will Host the First National 'YIMBY' Conference"

The subtitle for this article sums it up nicely, "More local-level policy wonks are saying 'yes in my back yard' to density, transit, and change."

Here in Palm Beach County, if you've heard the term YIMBY, it's likely because of former Delray Beach mayor and author, Jeff Perlman. Read about that using this link. Here is an excerpt from the article about the upcoming YIMBY conference:

     "Last November, voters in Boulder, Colorado, narrowly rejected a ballot measure that would have given neighborhoods the ultimate say over zoning changes. The measure would have essentially transferred the city’s zoning authority to 66 different neighborhood-level associations. It was a disaster in the making.
     Ballot issue #300 and #301—a separate effort to require every development in Boulder to pay for upgrades in infrastructure and amenities—would have stifled growth in Boulder. That was the whole point for the homeowners who already reside there."

[and. . .]

     "Those measures lost at the ballot, but they galvanized Better Boulder, a coalition made up of the groups who mobilized against the November ballot measures."

The big issue in south Florida is housing as well. Here more housing is being built but it's western sprawl bypassing the coastal cities. Stay tuned to this: How long before the YIMBY's rise up and demand more housing opportunity in the coastal cities and along the I-95 corridor in central Palm Beach County?

Read the following blog post or use this link to see how those in the "environmental community" have contributed to this problem that will not go away any time soon.