Monday, May 9, 2016

Hmmm. Media is all over Boynton Beach Mayor Grant but turns a blind eye to a Lake Worth elected's false claim about serving on a City board?

Read below about Lake Worth Commissioner Ryan Maier's false claim about serving on the Sister City Board. He used this 'credential' to get elected to the City Commission and it was completely untrue. The press completely ignored it then and still does now. However, some elected's aren't so fortunate. Boynton Beach Mayor Steven Grant is getting the special treatment from the Post; here is an excerpt:

     Two weeks after making his first public speech as the new mayor of Boynton Beach, Steven Grant said Tuesday that he used John F. Kennedy’s famous inaugural address as a guide, got all ideas from him, changed some words around, but failed to tell anybody he did so — until he was asked by The Palm Beach Post.
     The 33-year-old mayor is defending himself saying, “I don’t think that the whole having a speech at a legislative session requires me to cite my sources.”
     When asked if he misled the public to believe that the words he recited at the April 19 commission meeting were his, he responded, “It doesn’t matter. It’s a speech to let people know what I want to accomplish."

Now let's compare what Mayor Grant did, or didn't do, with what Maier actually did, or didn't do. Below is from Maier's campaign website when he was a candidate back in 2014/2015:
"[I was] a member of the Sister City board in Lake Worth. I have the energy, enthusiasm and experience needed to represent our multi-faceted city."
His enthusiasm for being on the Sister City Board was low: he was removed from the board due to lack of attendance and not participating in mandatory ethics training. Why would Maier refuse to take his mandatory ethics training? It only takes 20 minutes. From the office of the City Clerk:

"Mr. Maier was removed from the Sister City Board for not participating in the mandatory ethics training and his membership was declared vacant due to excessive absenteeism on March 19, 2012."
Demonstrating more lack of enthusiasm, from the Minutes of the City's Special Meeting on 8/29/2012, page 2 at the top of the page:
Note the line, "Ryan Maier was absent for his interview." Watch the video below and pay special attention to what Maier says starting at the 1:00 mark: By the way, Monday, May 9th, was the first meeting of the Sister City Board in quite some time. Read about that using this link. Also note that Commissioner Maier is up for re-election in March of next year. Go to right-hand column of this blog and look for "Deadline fast approaching to get your name on March 2017 ballot" to read all about that too.