Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"The Cottages of Lake Worth" book is en route. Check back for updates.

The container ship "Swordfish" has moored in Port Miami, use this link. Want to reserve a book? Call Janice at 561-586-6617 or email (see image below):
Janice (project coordinator, center) with Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein and the City's Economic Development Manager Delores Key.

"Janice grabbed an advance copy of our book (the very day it came) and surprised Michael Bornstein and Dolores Key with a viewing. It felt so good to hear their kind and glowing words about our project. Use this link to purchase the book or "shop now" on our Facebook page".

There wouldn't be The Cottages of Lake Worth without those special volunteers who had a vision for our City so full of these unique structures. Lona O'Connor, a reporter for The Palm Beach Post (since retired) penned an article about the group back in 2013 giving the effort a huge boost.

Since then the members have had many dinner parties at cottages, held special events at local venues, even put together a "Self Driving and Walking Tour".
"Lake Worth, Florida is home to over 1,000 historic cottages. It's the largest concentration of cottages anywhere in Florida!"

What makes The Cottages of Lake Worth so very special is this: it makes the City a UNIQUE place in the State of Florida. Winter isn't very far away. Why don't you make plans to visit us some day?