Monday, June 13, 2016

For all those City residents clamoring for more street lighting in their neighborhoods with too much crime. . .

“The lights go out sideways,” McVoy said. “You don’t want that intruding into your property.”
—Quote by Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, in The Palm Beach Post.

When you're done shaking your head. . . Where does McVoy think the criminals lurk? On the sidewalks and streets where everyone can see them? Of course not. They go behind people's houses and troll the alleyways where there's not enough lighting, right? About now, thanks to the City, there are a lot of people very happy there's more light "intruding" into their property.

Here is another excerpt from the Post article by beat reporter Kevin Thompson:

     "As part of an ambitious $23 million project to brighten the city’s skies, Lake Worth is replacing all old city street lights — more than 4,100 — with LED bulbs officials say will save the city $250,000 annually in energy costs.
     The city is also switching out 950 lights on Federal Department of Transportation-controlled roads — Lake Avenue, Dixie Highway, Federal Highway and Lucerne Avenue.
     'Brighter lights, safer streets,' City Commissioner Andy Amoroso said."

Hopefully McVoy will spare us all the embarrassment and jokes by announcing he's not seeking re-election. But then again, if he's really this disconnected from the public mood he might think he actually has a chance.