Monday, May 7, 2018

A Look Back: “Historical Overview of our Current City Hall (former Municipal Auditorium)”

It’s hard to believe sometimes . . . this blog began nearly 12 years ago. The first blog post was on May 3rd, 2006 titled “Pace of Building Permits”, a sobering look back at our City’s cumbersome operations back then.

Now and then, especially for new or recently new blog readers, I’ll go back and find a blog post about our City’s history that will surprise a lot of residents, especially all those who’ve come to call The City of Lake Worth “home” in the last 2–3 years or so.

Looking back through some of those early posts found this one about Lake Worth City Hall from August 2006. The current City Hall was once the City’s Municipal Auditorium, what you know now as the “City Hall Annex” at the Cultural Plaza was City Hall “back in the day”.

Enjoy this look back in our City’s history and how the current City Hall came to be, a blog post titled, “Historical Overview of our Current City Hall”.

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