Wednesday, May 4, 2016

West Palm Beach invites everyone to come out tonight and join the conversation: The documentary "Contested Streets"

UPDATE: Location has changed to 522 Clematis Street, just a few doors east of the original location which was to be the outdoor showing of the movie. This change is due to likelihood of rain.

"Join us for this fun look at how New York City made huge changes to make streets better. Tonight, Wednesday, May 4th, 8:00 p.m."

ABOUT THE DOCUMENTARY: Contested Streets explores the history and culture of New York City streets from pre-automobile times to the present. This examination allows for an understanding of how the city—though the most well served by mass transit in the United States—has slowly relinquished what was a rich, multi-dimensional conception of the street as public space to a mindset that prioritizes the rapid movement of cars and trucks over all other functions.

Central to the story is a comparison of New York to what is experienced in London, Paris and Copenhagen. Interviews and footage shot in these cities showcase how limiting automobile use in recent years has improved air quality, minimized noise pollution and enriched commercial, recreational and community interaction.