Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Have you seen the video "LynnA is OBTUSE"?

If you want to learn more about "hostility" and civility here in the little City of Lake Worth use this link. It would appear that Commissioner Ryan Maier is suddenly very keen about civility but wasn't too very concerned when Mayor Triolo was burned in effigy and people names were on bullets. Now he's seeking help and guidance from the very same person who published all those violent and hateful images.

A little ironic, isn't it? Or is it hypocritical? Or maybe just obtuse?

Anyhow, below in the image caption is a link to my YouTube channel. What's good about these videos is you can see for yourself what happened instead of relying on someone else, with their own spin and political objectives, what they want you to think happened.
LynnA used the "LynnA is OBTUSE" video from my YouTube channel as you can see in the image above. How flattering! Use this link to become a subscriber. This video is just one of many to watch. And, as always, Thank You for visiting!