Friday, April 29, 2016

Must read article about sober homes from the Post's Joe Capozzi: "Sober Home Invasion"

For the entire article use this link. The article is quite long and has a lot of very important information. Here are two excerpts:

     "Welcome to the suburban front line in the national heroin epidemic.
     It's right outside the living room window in neighborhoods across Palm Beach County, where homeowners say they're living under siege from a clandestine invasion of sober homes — an incursion spawned by the gold rush of the lucrative addiction treatment industry.
     From a gated development in Wellington to the oceanfront in Delray Beach, they say they're finding needles near their driveways, staying up nights because of lights and sirens and, in worst cases, watching the medical examiner wheel corpses from the house next door."

[and. . .]

     "Of the 199 sober homes across the state that voluntarily registered with the Florida Association of Recovery Residences, the vast majority — 118 — are in Palm Beach County, known for decades as the addiction treatment capital of America.
     But the actual numbers are much higher because many sober homes don't register with FARR. For example, 15 are registered in Lake Worth, but city officials say the actual number could be as high as 75."

This coming Monday, May 2nd, is a very important meeting that your elected representatives need to know about. Use this link to learn more.