Thursday, January 12, 2017

Looking for a home in south Florida in a city that has a BEACH!? Lake Worth is one of the “Hottest” Top Ten according to

First, a recent Tweet about a home for sale in one particular City neighborhood, College Park:
Below are excerpts from this article in one of the most influential resources for real estate in the world,

     It may seem counterintuitive as you’re snowblowing your front walk or drying out your socks, but now is a great time to begin thinking about buying a beachfront home that you can use throughout the summer—or rent out to pay the mortgage and then some.
     To find the nation’s hottest (figuratively speaking) beach towns, our sand- and surf-deprived data team looked up cities and towns within 2 miles from a coast, using data from NOAA’s National Ocean Service, and filtered out the ones that are on inlets or without direct access to a beach. We excluded cities with over 100,000 population to focus on the ones that have a “small town” vibe [emphasis added], which left us with more than 1,000 beach towns.

[and. . .]

      To figure out which of these towns were drawing would-be buyers, we aggregated page view data on® in December 2015 to pinpoint where people are actually checking out houses online. With the homes in Hawaii and Southern California busting most people’s budgets, all eyeballs are now on the Sunshine State.

Here are the “Hottest waterfront real estate markets” with the ones in Palm Beach County highlighted in red:
  1. Sarasota, FL: $339,000
  2. Naples, FL: $479,000
  3. Myrtle Beach, SC: $168,950
  4. Delray Beach, FL: $248,950
  5. Vero Beach, FL: $309,000
  6. Miami Beach, FL: $569,000
  7. Jupiter, FL: $489,000
  8. Lake Worth, FL: $210,000
  9. Venice, FL: $265,000
  10. Palm Harbor, FL: $235,000
Way to go Lake Worth! Right on the heels of Jupiter and Delray Beach too. Use this link to find out more about the real estate market here in Lake Worth and our charming, quirky, low-rise downtown. And while you’re in town make sure to visit our City’s new Visitor Information Center:

Here is more information about the Visitor Center:
  • Call at 561-540-5304
  • Located at 414 Lake Avenue, the City Hall Annex
  • Hours: Monday–Friday, 10 am–4 pm
  • They are also on Facebook
  • Finding a hotel room is easy. Just a few minutes north is West Palm Beach and their Visitor Center will be happy to assist you.