Wednesday, April 6, 2016

From the Post's Joe Capozzi: "Braves sweep doubleheader of public opinion" at the Palm Beach County Commission and Lake Worth City Hall

To no ones surprise, Katie McGiveron's promised outpouring of strong opposition to a Spring Training facility in John Prince Park never materialized. The majority of the 'Residences of Lake Osborne' are clearly not in lock-step with her self-proclaimed 'neighborhood' organization, ROLO. Who ROLO represents is actually a very narrowly focused and tiny group with a few specific, self-interested goals. Period.

To hammer that point home, below are two excerpts from The Palm Beach Post news (link to article):

     "In a doubleheader of public opinion, the Atlanta Braves came out winners Tuesday in their bid to build a spring training complex at John Prince Park in suburban Lake Worth.
     Braves supporters, wearing blue tomahawk T-shirts and holding 'Bring Home the Braves' signs, outnumbered opponents of the park plan by a 3-to-1 margin [emphasis added] at two separate public meetings."

[and. . .]

     "But more than 30 people wore the blue tomahawk T-shirts, waved Braves pennants and held '#palmbeachisbaseballcountry' signs in support of a plan to build a $100 million stadium complex in the park west of Interstate 95 near Lake Osborne. About the same number of supporters showed up outside Lake Worth City Hall.
     'It’s going to be family-oriented. I can go on my paddleboard with my glove and catch a baseball,' said Beth Scragg, who said she launched the Bring Home The Braves Facebook page, which had more than 1,000 likes."

The opponents to a baseball facility in John Prince Park have to rely on clever deception and unsubstantiated claims to bolster their size. That's been clearly demonstrated. So be prepared for more theatrics going forward from ROLO. Stay tuned as they say.

Below are two cool Tweets you'll enjoy sent out from the County Commission meeting yesterday: