Saturday, April 30, 2016

Commissioner McVoy isn't the champion of transparency he claims to be: "The secrecy bothers McVoy—even though he voted for it"

The quote above is from The Palm Beach Post. More on that a little later.

At the end of this blog post is a happy picture taken at the Lake Worth Casino some time in late 2012. Those were very happy days but didn't last very long. It was taken before the reality hit that the Casino business plan was a failure and the project would end up costing the taxpayers huge amounts of money to keep it operating.

Below are excerpts from this article by Alexandra Clough on March 5th of last year. It was a fair and factual account of the now-ended "Invitation to Negotiate" (ITN) process and possible ways to help our struggling Casino/Beach Complex. Below are a two excerpts:
     Lake Worth’s restored casino complex boasts a winning view of the ocean. To the city’s coffers, however, the beachside center is a poor financial bet: It doesn’t make enough money to pay off $6 million borrowed for the 2013 redo.
     The secrecy bothers McVoy — even though he voted for it [emphasis added]
     Last week, McVoy says he didn’t know the ITN would be so hush-hush: At the time he voted, McVoy said its description was “fuzzy . . . I would not say it was very adequately explained.”
But he voted for it anyway? The vote was a unanimous one.
Note that Commissioner McVoy, PhD, voted "Yes" for secrecy. Nothing "fuzzy" about this. Later, as part of the ITN process, all the information was made available to the public.
So the next time McVoy delivers one of his master classes on transparency and openness remember how he voted when it came to the ITN and his attempt to explain that vote by claiming it was "fuzzy".
Note that the Casino complex is now a confirmed business failure.