Friday, April 29, 2016

City Commission agenda next Tuesday and what tactics will commissioners Maier and McVoy employ to delay and obstruct City business?

A lot will depend on whether everyone is present, or not. If you recall, Mayor Pam Triolo wasn't able to attend the last meeting due to a scheduling conflict. Ryan Maier and Chris McVoy took advantage of this and forced an important agenda item to go through the process, again. (Use this link or go to the next blog post to read about all the time and effort this will cost the City.)

Read about what these two commissioners did and watch the video by looking in the right-hand column of this blog for "Political Monkeywrenching: Taking advantage of absences at government meetings".

Below are excerpts from the agenda for the City Commission next Tuesday with some interesting items highlighted. To see the entire agenda, use this link and scroll down for "May 3, 2016 Regular Meeting" and click on "Full Version". 

City of Lake Worth Commission Agenda
City Hall Commission Chambers, 7 North Dixie Highway
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016, 6:00 PM
1. Roll Call
2. Invocation or Moment of Silence: Moment of silence at the request of Commissioner Ryan Maier
3. Pledge of Allegiance: Led by Vice Mayor Maxwell
4. Agenda: Additions/Deletions/Reordering
5. Presentations (there is no public comment on Presentation items)
A. Introduction of Commission on Ethics Executive Director Mark Bannon and answer any Commission questions
B. Bryant Park Neighborhood Association
C. Sheriff's office update by Todd Baer
D. Historic Resources Preservation Board Update

[and later. . .]

10. Public Hearings:
A. Ordinance No. 2016-13 - First Reading and First Public Hearing - amend various sections and tables of the City's Land Development Regulations
B. Ordinance No. 2016-15 - First Reading and First Public Hearing - amend Downtown (DT) zoning district, permitted uses table and amend various sections of the City's Land Development Regulations.

[and. . .]

13. Lake Worth Electric Utility
A. Presentation (there is no public comment on Presentation items)
1) Update on the Siemens project.
2) Update on the electric utility system

What can everyone expect at the meeting next Tuesday? 
Will there be more delay and obstruction tactics employed on Tuesday? This image is from a CIA manual showing "General Interference with Organizations". Tactics are to talk "at great length", "raise the question", and advocate "caution". Remind you of anyone?