Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Lake Worth Herald, the City's oldest business (since 1912) moves to a new location

Below is news about our City's paper of record, The Lake Worth Herald, that appeared as news in The Lake Worth Herald:
     “The recent zoning change, which reclassified the property as Artisinal Industrial allowed us to re-brand the property which attracted all types of crafts’ people and industries to downtown Lake Worth,” said Carmel Commercial Real Estate’s Christina Morrison. 
     “With this new emphasis on The Arts, Lake Worth is now more attractive than ever to all types of new, creative businesses and many more are planning to move here.” The property, over the next few months, will be transformed into Lake Worth’s first micro-brewery by Mathews Brewing Company. Beer lovers can expect the brewing to start later this year.

[and. . .]

     “We are now in the fourth location of The Lake Worth Herald. Changes in technology through the past few years has enabled us to downsize the space required to operate,” stated Mark Easton, President of The Lake Worth Herald Press, Inc.

The new location is 1313 Central Terrace located off 13th Ave. North just east of the FEC railroad tracks. You can always pick up the latest issue of the Herald at Lake Worth's news stand located at 600 Lake Ave. in the City's charming downtown. A very nice man named Andy will assist you.