Saturday, July 16, 2016

When is turtle nesting season? And take the quiz: how long do you think the Lake Worth BEACH is?

First, let's examine how many miles of Florida beaches exist: When you add up the total miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches, the Straits, and the Gulf of Mexico it totals 825 miles. If you total the northeast, central, and southeast regions of the Atlantic Ocean beaches the total is 362.7 miles of beach. If you didn't know turtle nesting season if from March 1st and ends October 31st.

Now all you Lake Worth residents, with turtle season here, how many of that 362 miles of Atlantic Coast beach do you think the Lake Worth BEACH comprises?

THE QUIZ: How many miles long is our BEACH (approximately)? Is it:
  1. Two and ¾ miles long?
  2. Five and ¼ miles?
  3. One and ½ miles?
  4. 0.26 miles (1,280 feet)?
  5. One mile and 57 feet?
Stop here. Watch the short video below and think about it.

The answer is 4! 0.26 miles/1,280 feet.

For perspective that means the Lake Worth BEACH! makes up just 0.072 of beaches on the Atlantic Ocean coast. Of ALL Florida beaches? 0.032.
A party at the Lake Worth BEACH! Recognize anyone? This is a classic photoshop by the inimitable former City blogger Tom McGow.