Saturday, February 20, 2016

Our City's biggest embarrassment, the Lake Worth Casino Complex and pool, is back in the spotlight again

This was the only and last group picture of the 'architects' of the Casino complex taken in 2012. No one is laughing any more.
On March 1st at the next City Commission meeting, unless a Herculean effort is made to solve this problem, the contractor, the contractor's bond company, and the architect of the Lake Worth Casino will be found in default. You can read how this all came about using this link.

The public, business community, elected's, et al. have had egg on their face for too many years because of this. Here is just one example, one of way too many to mention in this blog post, of the problems at the Casino building; here is the video of the news segment:
If it couldn't get any worse, it gets much worse. The only thing keeping the Casino complex afloat (pardon the pun) is the parking revenue. It was the parking revenue that was supposed to be the surplus money to help fix the streets and infrastructure in the City. Because it was a failed business plan from the beginning, now it's the other way around and the City taxpayers are left holding the bill.

The City's municipal pool was another broken promise. Because the project was mishandled so badly there was no money left over to fix any problems at the pool and pool building. Here is how the locker room looked just a few months ago:
These are things to remember on March 15th, election day in Lake Worth.

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