Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ahead of today's (2/17) crucial meeting at the HRPB on the future of the Gulfstream hotel in downtown Lake Worth

The Palm Beach Post editorial board, in one their few and far between 'Captain Obvious' moments concerning Lake Worth, examined the Gulfstream hotel project and gave it a big thumbs up (see excerpt of editorial below).
A former city commissioner, Joann Golden has filed a lawsuit* to try and stop the project and she recruited two candidates, the Anarchist Ryan Hartman and new Lake Worth resident (formerly of Delray Beach), Frank McAlonan, in an attempt to scuttle the hotel's renovation. In another clever tactic, they're trying to confuse the public by linking two separate topics as one: the City beach property and the Gulfstream hotel.

I encourage everyone, if you're a supporter of this project, to show up at the Historic Resource Preservation Board (HRPB) tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:00 at City Hall in downtown Lake Worth. Even if you're not a resident of Lake Worth please come out and support our City if you can.

Below are three short excerpts from the Post's endorsement of the Gulfstream hotel project:
     After 10 long years of sitting empty in a key location in Lake Worth, the Gulfstream Hotel, a faded grande dame perched between the town’s raffish downtown and the Intracoastal Waterway, is finally inching toward a renaissance.
[and. . .]
     We appreciate that the developer is taking care to preserve the historic echoes of this building while seeking to make it a driver of local renewal. “We are going to be an enormous economic stimulator to the city of Lake Worth,” he [Steven Michael of Hudson Holdings] told the Editorial Board. “I want to see a lot of investment follow us.”
 [and. . .]
     If all goes smoothly, work on the hotel might begin in the spring. A year or so after that, the hotel might start receiving its first guests (the annex and the parking garage would be built later), Michael estimated.
     This is one revival we’re eager to see.
Hope to see many of you at the meeting tomorrow and make your voice heard.

*Remember: Don't Get Angry! That's how they want you to react! Do the opposite and stay excited.