Friday, June 2, 2017

The Gulfstream Hotel. Two memorable quotes from January 5th, 2016, almost 1½ years ago.

But first. . .

Did you know back in 2012 the Gulfstream Hotel had a security guard, every day, patrolling the property to monitor problems, report any issues, and to police the grounds of litter.
Any update from the City Commission? “At this time the City is still considering whether or not to pursue court costs from the losing party.”

“I have to tell you, in 23 years I’ve never, ever seen so many people come out, leave their homes at dinner time to speak in favor of an application. It just doesnt happen. People come to speak against, but people don’t come to speak in favor. So I am overwhelmed by the volume of people that have been here this evening.
Land use attorney representing the owners of the historic Gulfstream hotel at second reading, Lake Worth City Commission, January 5th, 2016.

And. . .

“I believe the Gulfstream project is not only the right step but also a very crucial step in the right direction. I thank the board for their consideration of this project and I’m looking forward to the re-opening of this great landmark bringing people to Lake Worth who have always been hesitant and to finally showing off our town’s incredible Downtown and one of the best assets Lake Worth has to offer. Thank you.” [standing applause follows]
Lake Worth resident who spoke earlier at the meeting cited above; a quote from this video:

Remember. The lawsuit that was dismissed had nothing whatever to do with the Gulfstream Hotel. Work could have begun long ago in preparation for a restoration of that historic structure. The lawsuits were over the height limit of any hotels to be constructed nearby:

Lake Worth, FL* – Gulfstream Hotel, District Court of Appeals Ruling

On March 31st, 2017 the 4th District Court of Appeals upheld the ruling of the previous court and confirmed that the City had acted legally in approving the Gulfstream Hotel annex to be built to 65′.
     The original suit and recent appeals claimed that the City had violated the City Charter in permitting a building plan that was over 45′. The City was represented by Carolyn Ansay of the Torcivia Law Firm.
     Throughout the process, both Carolyn and the City were confident that the approval of the Gulfstream Hotel Annex was legal. At this time the City is still considering whether or not to pursue court costs from the losing party.

“From the beginning of the process the City was confident that the law would support the rezoning and the two rulings have clarified this position. As a Lake Worth resident I look forward to the reopening of the historic hotel.”
—Carolyn Ansay, City Attorney.

Two more photographs from New Year’s Day, 2012.
The big question now is. . .

. . . will any progress at all be made by New Year’s Day in 2018?

Or will the focus be on something else? “Better Beach”? “Better Lake Worth”? “Better Life”?
Following that meeting — held 22 months ago — Hudson Holdings then wrote they were, “hard at work refining a proposal that we believe will work for everyone . . .”, because their idea for a “Better Beach” was rejected by the public.