Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Reason not to renovate the Gulfstream Hotel: It might get sold to ISIS? Or Chinese? A Russian oligarch?

This is not a joke. Below is an actual quote by a woman who was opposed to the redevelopment of the Gulfstream Hotel last January to save the hotel, a comment at that City Commission meeting:
"We could actually end up selling our City to the Chinese, or a Russian oligarch, or ISIS to finance their operations."
You can hear this at the 1:25 mark to 1:35 in the video (see below).

Fortunately, after this comment everything went uphill from there from the public that turned out in big numbers to save the Gulf Stream hotel from the wrecking ball:

Here are more highlights you'll see in the video:
  • At the 4:30 mark to 6:25 a co-owner of Brogues Downunder speaks in favor of the rezoning.
  • At 7:55 to 8:25 a woman who voted "Yes" to limit heights in downtown Lake Worth said she would have voted differently had she known all the facts.
  • At 12:55 to 15:00 another woman who also lives in Washington, D.C., explains why she is so excited to see the Gulf Stream hotel project move forward.
  • At the 22:15 mark, Bonnie Miskel, the attorney representing the owners of the Gulf Stream hotel begins speaking and near the end of her remarks says this:
     "I have to tell you, in 23 years I've never, ever seen so many people come out, leave their homes at dinner time to speak in favor of an application. It just doesn't happen. 
     People come to speak against, but people don't come to speak in favor. So I am overwhelmed by the volume of people that have been here this evening."
Enjoy the video, with the exception of the ten second comment at the 1:25 mark to 1:35: