Friday, December 4, 2015

Today (12/4) is last day of "Week of Resistance" in Palm Beach Gardens against biotech machine and potentially great biotech news for arthritis sufferers

You can read about the "Week of Resistance" against the biotech machine here and about Peter "Panagioti" Tsolkas' show at the Lake Worth Playhouse tomorrow night (12/5) using this link. We can only hope that Mr. Tsolkas, Cara Jennings, and the rest of the merry crew at Everglades EarthFirst! (EEF!) don't stoop so low as to use the tragedy of Corey Jones' killing to further their cause. The family and supporters of Corey Jones deserve better than to have their message, like body cameras for all police officers and a peaceful community, stolen by EEF! for their own lagging message. But Anarchists do what Anarchists do.

Anyhow, here is some potentially great biotech news for the millions of arthritis sufferers in the U.S. and around the world. You could subtitle the article by Jeff Ostrowski at the Post "A Primer: How to turn lemons into lemonade". Here are two excerpts:
     A brush with mortality launched Dr. Gaetano Scuderi’s career as a biotech entrepreneur.
     Scuderi was a prosperous orthopedic surgeon when he wrecked his motorcycle in Miami-Dade County in 2001. As he merged onto Interstate 95 on his Ducati, Scuderi saw a motorcycle escort for a funeral procession blocking his path by standing on the on-ramp.
     “I could either hit him or lay the thing down,” Scuderi said. “I had no choice.”
     The accident left the surgeon with two broken hands. Unable to operate for nearly seven years, Scuderi turned his attention to Cytonics, a Jupiter-based company that markets treatments for arthritis.
[and. . .]
     Scuderi, 53, said he grew up poor in New York, a background that gives him empathy for patients who can’t afford the latest medical advances.
     In an attempt to persuade insurers to cover A2m [a protein known as alpha-2-macroglobulin] Cytonics is investing $3 million in a double-blind study in human patients. If the biotech company wins FDA approval, demand for the product could explode, Scuderi said.
 And so it goes.