Thursday, December 15, 2016

Video from my YouTube channel last year: Yes, there is a lot of interest in our schools here in Lake Worth.

Just a few days after I posted the video below of PBC School Board member Erica Whitfield at the City Commission on December 8th, 2015, it was up to almost 40 views or so. Now, a year later? It’s closing in on 3,000. Here is a link to my YouTube channel for other videos that may interest you. Look for the red “Subscribe” icon to become a subscriber. Following the video is the blog post written last year about the video, with emphasis added:

I post these video because, as opposed to others who tell you what they think happened at City Commission meetings, with my videos you can see for yourself what happened without the fuzzy filter, revisionism, spin, and nonsensical ramblings.

Lake Worth’s own Erica Whitfield, who lives in College Park, gave an informative talk at this week’s City Commission meeting. Early on in the video you will hear that the Palm Beach County School Board has a problem defining what is actually “Lake Worth.” In preparation for her talk she asked for demographic and other information for Lake Worth schools. That yielded many more schools than are actually in the City of Lake Worth—some way out west, far beyond the City limits.

Her talk focuses on the actual schools where City of Lake Worth children attend. It is clear we are a very diverse population and speaking multiple languages. We are also an area that has many impoverished students with the majority of them on free or reduced lunch programs. She identifies principals and talks about the number of students in each school and how they are graded. She also confirmed that the quality of schools can be a key determinant of property values. The maxim seems to be that the better the schools the higher the property values.

Erica Whitfield’s presentation is a wide-ranging overview of our public school system and really is a “must watch.” Some excellent questions came from the commission as well.