Thursday, December 3, 2015

From Brian Entin at NBC5/WPTV: PBSO "ready for an active shooter"

Here are two excerpts from the WPTV interview with PBSO Sheriff Bradshaw:
     "Our speciality units have trained in every environment. Schools. Buildings. Cars. Airplanes. Buses. Trains. Regardless of what the environment is they have to go into, they can handle it, [emphasis added" [Sheriff Ric] Bradshaw said.
     The training scenarios are as real as it gets.
     "What we learned many, many years ago with active shooters is the deputies and first responders have to take immediate action. They can't wait on special units. They have to get in there locate the shooters and neutralize them as fast as possible," Bradshaw said.
[and. . .]
     The sheriff's office also assists other agencies like school police with active shooter training.
Check back here tomorrow for The Palm Beach Post article on PBSO's preparation for San Bernardino-like situations. Palm Beach County residents will be comfortable knowing this information and the Post, of course, will do their best to get the word out to quell fear in the community.

Here is the video from the news segment at WPTV: