Sunday, November 29, 2015

Two videos: Zoning/land use attorney's "pitch" in Lake Worth much more than just "dollars and cents" vis-à-vis the Gulf Stream Hotel

Below are two videos of Bonnie Miskel's presentation before the Historic Resource Preservation Board on November 18th; here is the agenda from the City's website.

Some day soon The Palm Beach Post will publish this article in the print edition (Sunday edition?) by Lake Worth's beat reporter Kevin Thompson. This is about the HRPB meeting on November 18th vis-à-vis the Gulfstream Hotel. Suffice to say, for now, that Bonnie Miskel's presentation was much more than just about "dollars and cents". You have to get almost to the end of the second video when:
"Miskel spoke in a language all board members — and city officials — understand: dollars and cents."
The presentation was approximately 27 minutes long and in no way can be characterized as a "pitch". Here are just a few of the issues addressed:
  • An explanation of the site and the difference between DT and MF30 zoning.
  • Why "no site plan required" at this HRPB meeting.
  • Lake Worth did a "great job" adopting its last revision to the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Talked about commercial corridor, the unity of title, and many other topics.
  • Why, in today's hotel industry, 120 rooms is the minimum "sweet spot" and is essential to the success of the Gulf Stream Hotel project.
  • The "severe parking challenges" and the parking garage considered part of the overall plan.
  • "Preserving the old and addressing the new".
Check back later to this blog for more on this very important subject. Here are the two videos (the first one is 17 minutes and the second is 10 minutes long):