Friday, November 13, 2015

Are you adventurous? VisitFlorida wants to "inspire" you to explore the vast Florida Everglades

VisitFlorida is the most visited travel and tourism site for the state of Florida. Jeff Klinkenberg, a writer for VisitFlorida, has a series about the Florida Everglades and wants to inspire the adventurous to explore this natural wonder some call the "River of Grass". The reporter writes this about himself:
I'm one of those Everglades boys who can’t get enough of swamps, alligators and interesting characters, who don’t mind slapping mosquitoes or skinny-dipping where there may be snakes.
Below is an excerpt from the article in VisitFlorida:
     What we call “The Everglades” actually begins just south of Disney World and meanders more than 200 miles to the tip of Florida. It’s overwhelming. For our purposes, I’m going to concentrate on places worth visiting in the southern half. Some you can read about in the guidebooks. Other places, off the grid, are my choices.
     For many of you, reading about the Everglades will be enough. I hope you’ll enjoy the stories and the photos and never have to swat a mosquito, step around an alligator or avoid a poisonous machineel tree.
     But I'm hoping that a few of you will be inspired to investigate.