Monday, November 9, 2015

All Aboard Florida releasing pictures of its new trains today (11/9)

As a reminder, below is a demonstration of how long you can expect to wait for an All Aboard Florida (AAF) to pass the crossing (don't worry about the popcorn, it's a short video): Here is an excerpt from the article in the Post by Jennifer Sorentrue:
     All Aboard has been mum about the details of the announcement, but several of the project’s followers have speculated on social media sites that All Aboard plans to re-brand itself with a new name and logo.
     In a statement released by the company Thursday, Julie Edwards, All Aboard Florida’s Chief Marketing Officer, said Monday’s event marks another turning point for the express passenger rail project.
     “We are looking forward to sharing our vision for a new and smarter way to travel in Florida,” Edwards said. “We are getting ready to mark another milestone in our development, and we will begin to spread awareness among residents and visitors on the benefits of train travel and how the service will be a unique experience.”
AAF is on Twitter and you can "Follow" by clicking on the Follow icon below: