Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Seats for All Aboard Florida trains ordered: ready for paying customers next year

All Aboard Florida has been moving along adding new track, constructing stations, engaged in many more promotional activities, and is considering more long-term opportunities such as a line to Jacksonville. Wouldn't be surprised to start hearing grumbling from politicos in south Florida for a line to Tallahassee. The problem with travel by rail is having the right-of-ways to lay track and if they don't exist that can be a very expensive and timely process. The right-of-way for the Florida East Coast (FEC) railway was established by Henry Flagler.

There isn't much grumbling from the anti-AAF crowd any longer. Some of you might remember this full-page below when the anti-AAF whirlwind of fury and disinformation/misinformation was at its peak:
Now Miami Today has an article about AAF and their President/CDO Michael Reininger you'll find interesting. Here is an excerpt:
     All Aboard Florida trains with all-reserved seats in various sitting arrangements and sizes are to be delivered here in the third quarter of next year and be ready to start carrying passengers at the outset of 2017, President and Chief Development Officer Michael Reininger says.
     “The minute we’re in service” the new railroad line will be looking for ways to expand and enlarge its services, Mr. Reininger told a Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce lunch last week in answer to questions about serving more points in Florida than are now planned.
     The new rail line is to run from the downtown Miami point where Henry Flagler planted the city’s main station on his Florida East Coast Railway more than a century ago through new All Aboard Florida station developments in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach to the northern terminus at Orlando International Airport, Mr. Reininger said.
In case you missed this, here is AAF's tribute to the visionary Henry Flagler: