Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Letter to the Editor from Leslie Blackner: Must the whole town be torn up 24/7?

A letter to the editor appeared in the Palm Beach Daily News (aka, The Shiny Sheet) this past Sunday. It is penned by Leslie Blackner, famous for being the proponent behind the failed Amendment 4 state ballot issue that would have required voter approval for any local government's Comprehensive Plan. Lake Worth's own Katie McGiveron, Lynn Anderson, Cara Jennings, et al. actively advocated for the proposal, working hand-in-hand with their Palm Beach attorney friend. The Sunset property case in Lake Worth was one of the poster children for their cause. Last I knew nothing has been resolved about that particular issue.

Click the title for a link to Mr. Blackner's letter. It seems that she has problems with living in paradise. Her nemesis now: Port-a-potties. To her, there is a direct correlation between the rate of construction on the island and these portable sanitary facilities for construction workers. Probably true but would she suggest chamber pots or just going in the lagoon? The hard-working people who are there to make sure new estate's Toto toilets, state of the art HVAC and automated home systems work flawlessly, besides doing heavy construction and just generally getting dirty making new buildings and renovations should have somewhere decent to relieve themselves, no?

The new construction and renovations don't last forever. But, for Ms. Blackner, she can only smell the urine and the feces of the workers, not the beautiful estates that fill the island, or the sunrises, or the posh eateries, or any of the other things that make Palm Beach a world-class resort and destination for the wealthy from all over the world. 

Like some people here in the City of Lake Worth, when they look around all they see is the crap and not the beauty in our surroundings.

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Affluenza said...

Would this be considered a strain of affluenza? She might get a new perspective if she spent a few days over the bridge. Didn't think palmbeachers were supposed to air the dirty laundry in public except for 2 weeks for elections. Another tradition out the window