Monday, October 19, 2015

Lake Worth's Little Free Library Project: Volunteers needed this Saturday at 10 a.m.

The Little Free Libraries above the fold in today's paper (10/19), A and B sections.
Hope you've all had a chance to read the article in today's (October 19th) print version of The Palm Beach Post about the Lake Worth Little Free Library Project.

This coming Saturday, October 24th starting at 10 a.m., 22 of the fully assembled but unfinished Little Free Libraries (LFLs) will come down off the shelves at the City's utility warehouse where they have been stored since their arrival and laid out on the loading dock ready to be painted, stained, embellished, mosaic-ed and otherwise prepared to be installed the following week.

Twelve of these LFL's will be placed on private propertyfully accessible by the public to serve their surrounding neighborhoods. Ten more will be placed in public parks, some of the new greenways, at the beach and the Snook Island nature pier and walkway.

The Friends of the Lake Worth Library are contributing top quality exterior latex paint in 8 colors as well as masking tape, caulking and other supplies. For these 22 libraries, we estimate that 4550 people will be needed to get it all done in the one day. All skill levels are needed.

We will have some brushes on hand, but not nearly enough for everyone, so please bring extras if you can. The mounting posts and platforms will be added when the libraries are installed.

PLEASE consider helping out in what promises to be a really fun event. We'll have coffee, donuts, fruit and juice.

The warehouse is located at 1900 2nd Avenue North. Follow the signs that say LFL EVENT and park in the warehouse parking lot. Any questions? Call Mary Lindsey at 585-6035 or send an email to