Saturday, October 3, 2015

Collage from Children's Art Sale last night at the NAPC Front Porch, Cultural Plaza

As part of Friday Night on the Avenues, the NAPC Front Porch had a wonderful display of art "for sale" made by local elementary school children. You can see John Faust and Commissioner Andy Amoroso showing off their finds from the display.

Here's Mary Lindsey with a spirited description of the night from her perspective (from Facebook):
     If you happen not to be sitting down right now, Ya might wanna do that! Our Kids raised $875 tonight selling their precious paintings on the NAPC Front Porch!!! Yes, I said Eight Hundred and Seventy Five dollars. There will be lots and lots of pictures up on FB by tomorrow and each one of them is completely inadequate to describe the incredible spirit of creativity, friendship, community mindedness and generosity that permeated the entire event.
     You've never seen such pride in those little faces as one after another painting was carefully selected and paid for -- with real money! Thank You Lake Worth!!! Thank You Mayor Pam Triolo, Commissioner Andy Amoroso and Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell for honoring our little ones and making them feel so special. Thank You to everyone who came to show their appreciation for the Kids effort with ooooos and ahhhhs and fistfuls of $$$.
[and. . .]
     We're going to try to have all the kids and parents at the Commission meeting next Tuesday to show everyone all the storybooks they will buy for South Grade, North Grade, Sacred Heart, Highland and Barton Elementary Schools. Next time anyone asks, What's so special about Lake Worth? -- Tell them about these exceptional kids of ours and this extraordinary night on the NAPC Front Porch!