Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Commissioner Amoroso running for re-election in the City of Lake Worth

You can Follow Commissioner Amoroso on Twitter by clicking on the 'Follow' icon below (here he is at the Florida Senate):
If you are available to help in any of the below ways please email Commissioner Amoroso:
  • Donate to Commissioner Amoroso's campaign
  • Put up a yard sign and/or sign waving
  • Use your name as a supporter
  • Volunteer at or host events
  • Fundraising
  • Door-to-door precinct walking
  • Phone banking
  • Help on election day
Commissioner Amoroso looks forward to hearing from you!
Political Advertisement Paid For and Approved By Andy Amoroso for City Commission


Anonymous said...

probably our most underrated commissioner. Its great to have a man on the street downtown looking out for us

mitch pomper said...

the only incumbent i would vote ..does not seem to have an agenda

Anonymous said...

Andy works hard for the good of our City. He's the driving force behind many of the special events and volunteer efforts that help make the City a little bit better. Represents us well and should be rewarded with another term.

Anonymous said...

We need to make sure Andy gets reelected in March. His contributions are huge in this city and he really does care about his hometown. I dont know if people even realize how much he does for the city and specifically for Downtown. Every time I have an issue and I bring it to Andy, he addresses my concerns. We all need to help in whatever way we can to reelect Andy or a big sucking sound will envelope Downtown Lake Worth when all the businesses run from the crazy people who voted him out of office!