Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Charters Win Again: New Brow[ard] Students Abandon Traditional Schools"

Buddy Nevins at the Broward Beat has this blog post about the growth of charter schools in Broward County. I encourage you to read the entire post. Mr. Nevins isn't sold on charter schools but he does have his ideas on why they are so attractive to parents and students. Here is an excerpt:
     Broward parents continue to send their children to charter schools in droves.
     Charter school enrollment grew by 3,190 this school year [emphasis added], according to a memo from Superintendent Robert Runcie.
     The traditional public schools grew only by 205 students.
     Even worse is that Broward’s total enrollment since 2011 has increased from 258,803 to 268,836. But the traditional schools’ enrollment has actually declined in those years, which encompasses Runcie’s reign — from 229,314 to 225,554.

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Anonymous said...

The result of charter schools is two groups separate but not equal. The poor are in public schools and the well off are in the charter and private schools. This is a result of late marriage and families with few children vs famines with not so well off having more children. There is a natural fear for parents with one child going to a public school. If you want to have a shock about the way schools have changed, go to an inner city football game. You'll see no band, cheerleaders that don't cheer and a student group that is one class- poor. We have abandoned public schools by screwing with funding non public schools. Another way of looking at it is parents that care move their kids to a private or charter school. The success of a student is related to the interest parents take in the child. We will suffer as a society for this trend. It was much better when we had a wide spectrum of kids in school.