Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Are you considering a recovery center? Looking for a center in south Florida? DO NOT CHOOSE LAKE WORTH, FL

Spread the word and help save a life.

Lake Worth, FL is not an ideal location for people in recovery by any means. A man in recovery was the target of a horrendous crime and there are so few places to hold meetings some are even resorting to 'recovery' meetings at bars. There is at least one destructive religious cult that preys on those with substance abuse issues. If you are in recovery (or a family seeking a place for someone in need) the City of Lake Worth, FL is one of the last places you want to be.

Spread the word in the recovery community—avoid the City of Lake Worth, it is not a location conducive to the recovery process for those with addiction issues. The City is filled with 'triggers' that will easily cause a relapse. Most people who pick Lake Worth for their recovery needs is because it's far less expensive compared to other communities; now you know why. You get what you pay for.

Wish you the best of luck finding a responsible recovery location in a city that's more helpful to the recovery process. The best model for recovery is called the Oxford Model and that standard is impossible in Lake Worth with the availability of drugs/alcohol throughout the City all times of the day and night.

Don't misunderstand: Lake Worth is a fun, lively, funky City with what some call a "Key West Vibe". However, for those in the process of recovery from an addiction it's less than the ideal place to be. A city with far less 'triggers', less access to drugs, alcohol, and less time around those who regularly use drugs/alcohol is where you would ideally want to be. 

Read here about the Oxford Model and what to look for in a community that will better offer a chance at true success in a life of recovery from addiction.


Anonymous said...

Once an addict shows he/she may actually recover from addiction the operators take notice and steer them towards flakka and bath salts. It's a cheap way to keep them in line.

Anonymous said...

You're right. 11:27 as long as its a cash cow for the operators they will exist, medical insurance must put a stop to the funding or there will be nothing left for decent people. By the way, The Post saw it fit to report that addict's demise as a tragedy and put gave the addict community in Lake Worth good press.Once again proving its a fish wrapper.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to addiction Lake Worth is the end of the line. Everything else has failed for these mostly upper middle class kids and young adults so they send them here. Out of sight out of mind. The brochures for these sober homes are nothing like the reality. But it does make the families feel all warm and fuzzy. The reality is they are surrounded by drugs and alcohol all day and all night. If those parents knew the reality they would never forgive themselves. It's a real sick cycle but very profitable for a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

The profits should be removed from this scam, then they'll go away and our neighborhood won't be a dumping ground.