Monday, August 24, 2015

Gabrielle Sarann at NBC5/WPTV corrects initial report of "Lake Worth" fatal crash

Yesterday there was another tragic vehicle crash and my condolences go out to the family. This terrible event occurred near the intersection of Kirk Road and Melaleuca Lane.

The first report of this crash was in The Palm Beach Post by Lulu Ramadan and she correctly reported it happened outside the City of Lake Worth. Gabrielle Sarann at WPTV initially reported it as "Lake Worth" and this morning the news segment was changed to "suburban Lake Worth". Thank you to the staff and reporter.

However, ABC25/WPBF still can't grasp the concept of the difference between unincorporated Palm Beach County and our City's boundaries.

Another thing I noticed is the use of the word "crash" in all the news reports. This may be a new thing or maybe not. How many still use the phrase "car accident"? Many readers will find this from Vox interesting.

Here is a map of Lake Worth:
Notice Lake Osborne to the left of the big "W". If you're west of the lake you're probably out of the City limits. Just trying to help.