Monday, August 24, 2015

Equal time: Terry Aperavich on the historic Boynton Beach High School

If you've been following this debate in the Post you know there was an article by Alexandra Seltzer. Also a Point of View and two letters were published supporting the preservation of the structure. In today's paper a Letter to the Editor by Terry Aperavich of Boynton Beach was published with a decidedly different opinion. Here is an excerpt:
     I found the Wednesday letter “Old Boynton High is part of our heritage” — opposing tearing down the dilapidated Boynton Beach High School — disingenuous. The writer states that Lake Worth refurbished its oceanfront Lake Worth Casino, but then omits that the city hasn’t been able to create enough interest in the finished project to repay the $6 million it invested in the rebuild. [emphasis added]
     Boynton Beach officials have commissioned study after study to try to save this ugly building and have only wound up throwing more good money after the previous bad.
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