Monday, August 24, 2015

Beware of 'loaded language' in Lake Worth, especially concerning the BEACH!

This particular story (see image below) by CBS12/WPEC appeared as a news segment only a few days prior to our municipal elections on March 10th in Lake Worth. Reporter Lauren Hills referred to a "Backroom" meeting which was anything but (more on that later in this post).
The link to the news segment has since been taken down. The use of the word "Backroom" is an example of Loaded Language. Why couldn't the title have been "Lake Worth Residents Concerned Over Beach Development Proposals"? 

Here is the definition of "backroom" in
a place where powerful or influential persons, especially politicians, meet to plan secretly or from which they exercise control in an indirect manner
Margaret Menge, a self-described reporter/editor of a now-defunct (always-FREE, delivered free, advertising-challenged) tabloid began this "backroom" nonsense with her false reporting of what actually occurred. The "backroom" meeting was simply a group of condominium owners who reside next to the Gulfstream Hotel who wanted to meet with Steven Michaels (the owner of the hotel) and discuss their common concerns.

Click on the letter by Mr. Tebbe. He sets the record straight regarding his groups meeting with Mr. Michaels:
This meeting between the Gulfstream of Lake Worth Condominium Assoc. and Mr. Michaels was no different than the hundreds (if not thousands) of meetings that occur each and every day in this country. That's one of the ways people learn stuff—they meet and talk.

The reason there is even a meeting tonight at all is because the our charming Casino/Beach complex is hemorrhaging money. The business plan put in place by a previous city commission has failed and it's up to our current city commission to fix it. Hudson Holdings has ideas they would like to share with the community:
Had a previous city commission done their job and used due diligence our City would not be in the position it is in right now vis-à-vis the Casino complex and pool. Don't forget that important fact. All the loaded language you'll hear is just a distraction from the ugly truth: