Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Presentation by Richard Pinsky, State Sen. Jeff Clemens and State Rep. Bobby Powell from last night's (7/14) City Commission meeting

This was one of the presentations from last night's meeting and included an update of last year's legislative session(s). There were actually two since a special session was called in June just to review and approve the required state of Florida budget. Much of this presentation had to do with the City's attempt at securing infrastructure monies for the Lake Worth Park of Commerce. It appears that the City did everything it could, along with our legislative representatives, to secure those funds. Unfortunately, the city's request fell victim to Governor Scott's veto. The Governor gave little reason for the veto other than saying that the request did not go through all the correct processes. However, we learned last night that the City did touch every base and it was more due to the fact that the governor's review of these requests took place in a compressed seven day period. The message here is that the City will try again next year. We also found out that Riviera Beach's drainage project that was funded this year was denied a year prior. So there is a reasonable expectation that the same might be true for Lake Worth's request.