Sunday, July 19, 2015

Kid Rock is either real smart, has a top-notch manager, or both

Leslie Gray Streeter has a highly entertaining article titled, "Kid Rock: Confederate flags, Chevy and 10 things I saw at concert". Kid Rock had a concert at Coral Sky and he ditched the Confederate flag. Many no doubt showed up to celebrate their 'heritage' but there wasn't one single confederate flag to be found on stage. Smart guy.

This is from Streeter's article:
     There was, as expected, a giant, bold banner flying behind Kid Rock during “Born Free,” his rollicking Chevy-sponsored tribute to red-blooded gumption and rebellion, at West Palm Beach’s Coral Sky Thursday night.
     But it was the American flag, not the Confederate battle one. Sure, you could find all manner of rebel banners displayed in the audience, from head scarves to T-shirts to capes, but up onstage, Rock, who recently told those protesting his apparently former use of the Confederate flag to “kiss my a**” stuck to the Stars and Stripes (plus a massive Chevy emblem and a big gold eagle) onstage.
She listed ten "interesting things" from the concert; here are two:
Congrats to the Lake Worth High School choir, who became part of Foreigner’s tradition of picking a local group to do the backup on “I Wanna Know What Love Is.” They were super cute and talented and this L-Dub resident was super proud. Go, y’all.
[and. . .]
I was admittedly a little nervous having to walk up to people and ask Confederate flag questions, because I apparently already looked like a narc. But I had a chat with a lady holding a “Heritage Not Hate” banner about her theories on slavery, and a nice guy who invited me to sit with him and his mom, who told me he hoped Rock would have “a bunch of Confederate flags up there” because it was just about rebellion and pride. And when I told them both that I had a different philosophy but thanked them for talking to me, they were cool with that. “No one in this row’s gonna bother you,” the guy told me, adding slyly “but I would watch those guys up there. They’re probably a**holes.”
The reporter enjoyed the concert and most people had a good time it seems.