Friday, March 13, 2015

Population of Florida growing again—and they all want a nice place to call home

In a Letter to the Editor in The Palm Beach Post today was this, titled "County needs more east-west highways". From the letter:
     My family and I have been using Florida’s Turnpike (formerly the Sunshine State Parkway) since its opening in 1957. It is still the best way to get to Miami and Orlando from Lake Worth.
     I think it’s a great idea to expand the road, yet, at the same time, if we don’t get more east-west thoroughfares that can handle more traffic, it may be a waste (“State to widen turnpike to eight lanes in PBC”; Sunday).
[and . . .]
     My solution: Expand the turnpike and, at the same time, build a high-speed passenger rail along the turnpike and make it a 200-mph passenger train. Build east/west highways and rail lines to the airports and cruise ports on the coast to facilitate our tourist trade and local traffic.
One of the benefits of All Aboard Florida (AAF) using the existing Florida East Coast (FEC) right-of-way and the Coastal Link to come later linking all our coastal communities is reducing reliance on the automobile—increasing use of public transit, bikability, and walkability. Although certainly there are many people who agree the solution in the letter above is the correct one.

And this, how would people get to the high-speed train along the Turnpike? By automobile most likely. Each day it's estimated 800 people are moving to Florida, both permanently and seasonally. It's either "Westward Ho", "Eastward Ho", or some hybrid idea from both. Either way those 800 people each day are moving to Florida regardless of what planning happens to accommodate them.