Saturday, July 18, 2015

[UPDATE] Nice house, but will Dee McNamara sell it to a n____r?

[UPDATE: This is a blog post originally from March 22nd. Today (7/18) Mrs. Dee McNamara went postal in the comments. Her grasp of grammar, punctuation, and syntax is not very good. The Other Blogger (TOB) tells us it's because she speaks 28 languages and gets things confused. I think it was 28; I'm not sure any more about the exact number. Anyhow, it was this Facebook post below and others like it by Mrs. McNamara that got her employer, well. . .shall we say 'concerned':
Without further ado, the blog post from March 22nd and Mrs. McNamara's comments!]

Read about Dee McNamara's racist 'N-word' rant at a public meeting in Lake Worth City Hall here. If Rinker Realty Inc would like to comment will gladly publish. Here is Dee McNamara's Rinker Real Estate Facebook page. I'll check back tomorrow to see if it's still an active site. And here is Dee McNamara's personal Facebook page

Dee McNamara, another in a long line of proud Rinker Realty associates? No. They fell for the lie.