Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lake Worth Herald editorial dated March 5, 2015 titled, "Here We Go Again!":

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Here are excerpts from the editorial:]

     It’s election time in Lake Worth again. 
     Not much changes here. This time, the same people that came to your door telling you lies about how the big box buildings were going to spring up all over the downtown area are now telling you their candidate served on the Sister City Board. The candidate, Ryan Maier, has emphasized how his service on the Sister City Board makes him a better candidate. Fact: Maier was appointed to the Sister City Board by Commissioner Christopher McVoy [emphasis added]. This is true and factual. Maier has answered questions about attending Sister City Board Meetings in the affirmative. This may not be so true. According to Retha Lowe who served as Chair of the Sister City Board, Maier never attended a meeting. Lowe is believable. Maier never took the required Ethics training either. 
This is the letter the Lake Worth Herald editorial references.
[and later in editorial...]

     He [Ryan Maier] has leveled attacks on his opponent’s performance as a commissioner but has offered no substantial argument to back his accusations. In fact, the accusations he levels are practically identical to the type of rhetoric that used to come from the dais when it was occupied by the likes of Joanne Golden, Suzanne Mulvehill and Cara Jennings, who were in office through a period when Lake Worth saw ZERO applications for new commercial permits from businesses willing to make Lake Worth their home. 


     Maier doesn’t appear to have anything to offer except the worn out tactics of some previous commissioners who proved to the city their tactics will do nothing but bleed the city dry and leave nothing good to show for it. He hasn’t put forth any ideas that would advance Lake Worth. He has continually expressed that he will undo everything that has been done by this commission. That will only move Lake Worth backward. He has not given any indication how he will accomplish anything. His opponent, [Commissioner] John Szerdi has produced as a commissioner and Maier has attacked him with rhetorical semantics. The same as we heard from Mulvehill, Jennings, and still hear from McVoy. 


     Maier has accused the commission of secretly planning a bond referendum for August, when in fact it has never come before the commission. He bases his accusations on action by staff to prepare for a referendum as one of the alternatives being openly discussed for financing infrastructure improvement. 


     It is simply amazing how Lake Worth could have two candidates who virtually think alike when one is a scientist and the other is an actor. Maybe a wise choice by those who would tear the city apart, one who can act the part. It is time to remove the sleaze from Lake Worth politics.