Monday, March 9, 2015

[UPDATE] For the citizens of the Town of Palm Beach (33480) and Mr. Lewis Crampton: here is a letter you might find interesting

[This post from yesterday is getting a lot of attention. One of highest viewed items for past week; how many people in Palm Beach think "something" is "happening" at the Lake Worth Beach/Casino? Hard to tell. Hopefully the truth will prevail. Original story follows:]

Mr. Lewis Crampton, chairman of the South End-based Citizens’ Association of Palm Beach, I read your concerns today [now yesterday] about "proposals" in regard to the Lake Worth Beach/Casino. Before I get to the letter will straighten out confusion on where this process is—called the "Invitation to Negotiate" (ITN):
  • No proposal is being considered. Nothing has been presented to the Lake Worth City Commission. No vote has been taken. There is NO proposal. 
  • There IS NO PROJECT.
  • Hudson Holdings is one company involved with the ITN. There are 2 others.
  • Think of an ITN like this: you're planning a vacation later this year and you haven't narrowed down what continent you want to visit yet alone a destination. This is the idea stage. It's as simple as that. The ITN is tasking people/companies to creatively solve a problem. 
  • What's the problem? The problem is the Lake Worth Beach/Casino is hemorrhaging money. It was based on a flawed business plan and is failing and fast. 
Now read a letter from someone that you might be familiar with: Mr. James Tebbe, President, Gulfstream of Lake Worth Condominium Association:
If you want me to send you a copy of this letter, please email me.
And one more thing, Commissioner McVoy, who just happened to "chance" on the meeting mentioned in the letter? He voted for the secret ITN process. It was a unanimous vote; here is the proof:
I hope this helps you "assess the situation". Please share this information with your citizen's association, neighbors, and friends. 

Thank you,