Monday, March 9, 2015

[UPDATE] Ryan Maier, Cara Jennings, and the Urban Chicken in the City of Lake Worth

Ryan Maier, a candidate in Lake Worth is the Founder of the Lake Worth Chickens Facebook page. Frank Cerabino wrote about this in 2011. [Note that Ryan Maier didn't start a Infrastructure Facebook page or a Code Enforcement Facebook page]. Here from the article by the Palm Beach Post's Frank Cerabino:
Lake Worth has once again become a chicken battleground.

The pro-chicken forces in the city were rebuffed two years ago when the city commission rejected an ordinance that would have allowed Lake Worth residents to raise a few egg-laying hens in backyard coops.

A hen that appeared to be unattended and homeless wanders a vacant lot near the intersection of 2nd Avenue and G Street in Lake Worth. A Facebook group is seeking to change the city's code to allow residents to keep "a small number" of hens in their yards.

But now, with a special election for mayor looming at the end of the month, the chicken squawking is back.

"There's a whole clandestine chicken army out there," said former City Commissioner Cara Jennings, who mother-henned the 2009 effort but is lying low this time.

Freelance hairstylist Ryan Maier, 31, started a Facebook group called Lake Worth Chickens recently because of his interest in growing his own food.
Ryan Maier is a candidate in the District #4 race running against Commissioner John Szerdi.
This is Ryan Maier before he took on his new campaign appearance.
The new and improved Ryan Maier.

You can read about ex-Commissioner Cara Jennings involvement in the chicken issue here.
Photo courtesy of the Tom McGow Archives.

Was the focus on chickens back then one of the reasons our City's infrastructure is in need of so much repair? Were chickens more important than the streets, streetlights, clean water, and drainage? Apparently so for Ryan Maier.