Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Is this the oddest Valentine's Day invitation ever?

Below is an actual Valentine's Day invitation that was left in various downtown Lake Worth establishments. A reader of my blog was kind enough to snag one for me. 

Besides the optics, which are strange enough, notice there is no address or location given for the "2nd Annual Valentine's Day Performance Night & Cafe" except a long, printed Facebook link which, as of Monday night (2/9), doesn't work. However, there was one clue. Note highlighted where someone wrote in felt pen "Passion Vine Farm".
Now I was hooked. I Googled "Passion Vine Farm" and look what I found: The 'Passion Vine Farm' is located at 1134 19th Ave North in Lake Worth. Here is their information on PAPA
DELRAY BEACH FL 33445 2217
With that information did another screen grab from the PAPA maps and added two labels for some perspective, see below. 
As recently as August 5, 2014 a visitor to the 'Passion Vine Farm' called it "The best farm in Lake Worth". That's interesting since the Grey Mockingbird Community Garden is a 3-minute walk away.

I've been by 1134 19th Ave North and never noticed any gardening or farming going on. I'll have to take a closer look later today or tomorrow.

The upshot for you Ladies and Lads who picked up one of these flyers for the "2nd Annual Valentine's Day Performance Night & Cafe" and are interested in the "Date Auction", "Cosmic Matchmaking", and "Dinner Theater"? I suggest show up at 1134 19th Ave North and hope for the best. Bring a box of chocolates. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!